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Early Days Remembered

Today we brought Tom along for a friendly ride. Tom and his wife have been riding a bit recreationally and wanted to try a bit tougher trail with us, so we took him to Quicksilver. We were impressed!

Tom, like the rest of us, is no spring chicken but he showed his mettle by doing quite a bit more climbing than on his normal ride. We climbed up Mine Hill, stopping in the "normal places" to take a breather, but he kept going up the hill all the way to the top and then did the big loop, returning on Randol. He seemed a bit tired, but he did it.

The rest of us thought back to the first time we had been on this ride and remembered it as being much steeper and needing lots more breaks. This seemed like a huge hill that never ended and it may have even gotten the better of some of us. Tom was a trooper and made it the entire way without complaint. Nice job!

I suppose the real test will be to see if he ever asks to try something harder!

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