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Great Day to Ride

Lately, I haven't been out riding as much as I would like to for all the usual reasons/excuses: work, family, vacation. Each is a good justification individually for a particular day, but when it stretches over a period of a few weeks, other questions are raised. I wanted to ride and even tried several times by taking my bike to work with me, but it didn't work out. Today was different...I got back to the regular schedule and I had a great ride.

The weather suddenly got hot, so we decided to head toward the coast and hit up Pogonip/UCSC and Wilder. As usual, it was a bit overcast when we arrived but it cleared up into a near perfect day for riding.

We hit the usual trails: Rincon Connector, U-Con, several trails in UCSC ending up at the playground, some trails in Wilder, and back along different trails in UCSC.

What made this different was not the trails but just being back on the bike after a too-long respite. I was a bit out of shape and behind the rest of the crew, but not too much. We didn't take long breaks and we didn't even stop for a snack or a Gu, but I still felt pretty strong considering how much riding I have been doing lately.

The great thing was the sound and the feel of the redwood duff under my tires, the lean into a corner with a bit of speed, the weaving between trees and rocks in the trail, the smell of the forest, the sunlight and freshness of the air.  It was was one of those rides that reminds you of why you are doing it.

It is good to be back in the saddle.

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