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2011 Year in Review

Here is my belated review of my 2011 rides.

Distance: 1,033 miles Ascent: 152,329 feet Moving time: 147 hours

2011 was a hard year for me.  I got in well less than half the rides of my 2009 peak and an even larger drop in mileage and total ascent.  It would be quite reasonable to blame it on a high-stress job that takes too much time and results in weight gain and while that is true, it would not be the whole story.

Part of the decrease was a good crash at Ft. Ord.  I went down suddenly and I went down hard, banging up my shoulder and my ribs.  It takes much longer to heal up these days, so it took quite a bit of time to get back to my pre-crash state of poor conditioning.

I found that many of my rides weren’t as adventurous or as far from home as previous years.  I suppose this is due to my physical conditioning and time constraints, but it was noticeable.

I did get to two new places this year:

  • Don Edwards National Wildlife Refuge – Not really a “mountain” bike route.  While it is all dirt, the total ascent may be upwards of 20 feet across about 18 miles. What made this interesting is the huge number of migratory birds I saw there and that it was so close and I had never been there.  I also got some very good pictures of sunset reflections there.
  • Sierra Vista – A new section of Sierra Vista was opened this year and I got there the day after the new section opened. The old route went to the top of the mountain and looped around.  The new section had a singletrack hand-carved into the hillside, a descent and a steep climb up the opposite ridge to a vista point.

I did a lot of familiar rides this year.  Maybe my Sunday crew has more distractions than in the past, but we didn’t stray too far afield this year.  In addition to the usual assortment of WWR summer rides, we got in a few other fun rides and Tamarancho.  I also got in a pretty fun night ride at Mission Peak by myself that was a fun adventure.

While the high-stress job is tough on my riding, it makes things easier at home. I’ll have to keep pushing and try to find the right life balance.

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