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Psst...Wanna See Some Pictures?

I finally got around to adding more pictures to my website. I have been collecting pictures from most rides for quite a while. I now have more disk space for the site, so I have created a gallery so people have a sense of where I have been riding.

The pictures are grouped into categories: people, animals, plants and scenic.  Okay, not much there on creative titles but it gets the idea across. I have tried to label each picture with a title and a brief description that includes the location name (in most cases).  I suppose that I could do more like trying to identify the various wildflowers and mushrooms but I am not up for that at the moment.

I hope you find these entertaining. They remind me of great rides to beautiful place with good friends.

If you like them (or anything else on the site), please drop a note in my guestbook.

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