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Spring is here! The cool and wet weather ended suddenly and it got warm. This means that everything is growing and blooming, making it a great time for a ride out in the country where one can ride and stop and smell the wildflowers.

One of the best places to go in springtime is Harvey Bear. One side is soft lush grass gently waving in the breeze with small wildflowers hidden between the rustling blades. On the other side are large hillsides covered with wildflowers, covering the green grass with a thick blanket of yellow or purple wildflowers.

The animals are out too. From new calves to turkeys, there are new animals everywhere learning about the world.

This was a good ride. I happened to be by myself, so I didn't worry about holding the group pace and was able to enjoy the views and stop for a snapshot wherever the view was appropriate. It was one of those rides that aregood for the soul.

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