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Cloud Rider

I went for a ride up Mission Peak tonight. The ride started out normal enough for a night ride. I entered a cloud about half way up and the ride became completely different.

I had been riding with just my small light since I was climbing and there wasn't a need to see too far ahead. I hit the cloud and I could see 20 feet in front of me at the most. I kept climbing but I had to be careful to stay on the uphill side lest I inadvertently stray over over the side. I looked up to see a bright glow ahead of me. In a few moments, a group of six riders came down the hill and passed me.

I forged ahead, passing another group of riders coming down. I was grinding up the hill happy to be able to see about 15 feet when I almost ran into a large black calf on the fireroad. I am not sure which was more surprised, but it politely move aside for me.

I got to the junction and decided it was only going to get worse, so I called it a night and turned back. Oddly enough, it was very slow coming down because there was no visibility. Even with the big light turned on, I could still see only about 15 feet. If I pointed the light at the ground, I could see the ground. Lifting it up only created a wall of light about 15 feet in front of me. It was slow going until it suddenly disappeared and I was back in the clear. Very odd!

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