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Bad Weather - Its Too Nice

It is hard to complain about good weather. It is the end of January and I went riding in my summer wear today. The skies were clear, no wind, and the temperature was just right - a little on the cool side so one didn't overheat even on the hills. What could be the problem with that?

The problem is that we had one day of rain since about October. We had one or two weeks of cold temperatures. The weather is nice to great, but that is the problem. It needs to rain and we need to have some winter weather.  Without this, it is going to be a long summer (if it hasn't started already).

Sure, this may just be "California Whine". Other parts of the country have snow or floods and I am whining about perfect conditions. Having a drought and an extra long fire season is not a good thing. Having one or more of our parks burn because everything is tinder dry isn't good for any riders.

This is one of those times when better is worse.

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