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Haulin' Ass

I was really haulin' ass today.  And gut. Basically, I was hauling a lot of dead weight up the mountain today. The "look on the bright side" person in me would write this off as a great training ride that built both strength and character. The "glass is overflowing" person in me is an idiot.

In reality, I hauled myself, my bike and an overly heavy pack up over 3,000 feet vertically to get to the top of the mountain. Looking at the energy required just to haul my bulk up the mountain, a basic physics calculation says that I put out energy equivalent to lifting an average car about 15 stories. No wonder I am tired.

This would be a lot easier if I weighed less and was in good shape. But I am not. I have been finding it tough to pull my carcass out of bed early in the morning while it is still dark outside. I don't make it out during the day due to this pastime called "work" and it gets dark too early to do something after work. Or maybe these are just excuses for a lack of commitment and self-discipline. Whatever the reason, the end result is a terrible combination of being overweight and not in good enough shape.

The other factor that gnaws at me is that it wasn't so long ago that I was lighter and in better shape. The same mountain I rode today was a lot easier and I got to the top a lot faster. Of course, I haven't been riding as much as I did back then due to my "pastime" and an injury earlier this year, but I haven't really re-calibrated my internal expectations. I am fatter, more out of shape and older (a bad combination!) but I still have memories of a different set of circumstances and still think I should be able to perform at that higher level. It is disappointing to fall so far in a relatively short time.

Like the rest of America, I need to do something about this. Like the rest of America, I have good intentions. Let's see if I do anything about them.

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