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Welcome Back Autumn!

Autumn is back! Sure, the calendar says it is, but now the trails are saying it too. The days are getting shorter and the air a bit crisper.  We had our first rain of the season during the week but the storm passed and now it is sunny again. This means that the trails are in primo condition and not to be missed. We agreed that a forest ride was in order and we were not disappointed.

We headed up our usual route to the signboard and the single track out to Chinquapin and then explored some of the unnamed (at least to us) trails nearby. This was a lot of fun, weaving through tight, twisty trails through the forest. We weren't going very fast due to the tightness of the trail and the numerous rocks, roots and sapling stumps that were everywhere, but we managed to connect several trails that took us back to Chinquapin at the water tanks.

We headed out Pipeline and did a short side loop that was very pretty before heading out to the Playground.  We discovered that someone had build a geodesic dome frame out in the open space there. It was quite out of place. I hope someone will remove it soon.

We headed back via the "Nature Loop" with was also a lot of fun with narrow single track and lots of drops and tire-width ridges to avoid obstacles. As we headed back up the fireroad (West Road), I noticed a single track off to the side. We diverted onto this trail which connected back up to the singletrack we had ridden earlier in the morning.

All of us agreed this was a great ride. The trail conditions were excellent, the weather was perfect and the trail mix was spot on. This was not one of the monster climb rides and the total ascent was pretty modest. The beauty of the forest and the joy of the ride really stood out today.

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