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Bike Rides Man

This is the mountain biking version of the old "Man Bites Dog" story. It wasn't that my bike suddenly turned on me and attacked without provocation or that we tested the "law of the tooth and the club," it was more a case of it just decided not to go any further.

In this case, it was not all of a sudden. I didn't realize it at the time, but I think this all starterd with a recent ride at Soquel Demo Forest.  I was "just riding along" on the top of Sawpit when a pretty large branch about an inch and a half in diamete jumped into my rear wheel. Usually the stick is quickly thrown clear in this situation, but this time it jammed into the spokes and broght me to a quick stop. Later in the ride, I managed to jam my chain between the cassette and the spokes and I just assumed it wasn't my day. At the end of the ride, Ken noticed that the derailleur hanger was slightly bent.

I fooled around a bit at home and it seemed OK. The initial climb at Arastradero was fine and then on the first single track climb my chain jammed against the cassette again. This time it was really jammed. I worked on it for several minutes but it wasn't going to budge.

The wheel wouldn't roll, so I ended up carrying my bike about a half mile back to the car. I ended up having to remove the cassette to free the chain (difficult to do on the trail!), but I need to bend the hanger or replace it. I also notice that the branch that had jammed in my wheel bent up a spoke pretty good, so that needs to be replaced.

That is my "man bites dog" story where my bike rode me for about half a mile. Believe it or not!

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