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Just Engaged

I have been riding a while and usually try to chat with people when the opportunity comes up. Today, for the first time, I met a young couple that had just gotten engaged while on their ride at Soquel Demo Forest! This was very sweet and they were obviously very happy about it.

I wasn't entirely clear where the special event occurred, but I am guessing it was somewhere on Corral since this was the trail they descended. Naturally, they were quite excited about it and their mood was contagious as the rest of us were excited for them. Although it has been quite a while, I recalled the excitement of my own engagement.

I hope they have a long, successful marriage. They are off to a good start. The young lady was both very pretty and a great sport. Her bike looked new and she was wearing running shoes, but I admired her commitment to go out and try something new with her guy. Good luck!

The rest of the ride (all of it actually since we met them before we started), was fun but like many other rides at SDF.

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