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I Am Not Alone...

No, you have picked up Robinson Crusoe and started reading in the middle. I previously wrote about my "revelation" that riding a bit less than full out actually increased the enjoyment of the ride. It sounds stupid that it took me a long time to discover this...what can I say? Today, this realization struck some of my regular riding buddies.

We did our typical Stevens Canyon ride but rather than hammering away from the start the group backed off a bit. We turned it down from 10 to 8. I don't think it was really a conscious decision, but it just happened. We rode a little bit slower than usual and enjoyed the ride a lot more. We weren't going slow, but it wasn't a ride at the edge of our limits either.

Rather than heading up Indian Creek, I showed the others the new, rerouted White Oak trail. This turned out to be quite a hit. They, like I, really like the new trail and the improved alignment. They also didn't miss the ride up Indian Creek and appreciated an alternative route. There was agreement between all of us that this was a more enjoyable ride than usual.

I am not alone...dialing things back just a touch worked for all of us.

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