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Slower Can Be Better

Today Don and I headed over to Soquel Demo Forest for a very enjoyable ride. Rather than racing up to the top, Don and I went a bit slower than usual and discussed various things on the way up. Before I knew it, I was at the top and still had lots of gas in the tank. This isn't to say that I didn't notice any of the climbing, but it was a very nice change to have lots of energy left before heading out on Ridge.

When we got to the helipad, Don commented that the weather was perfect...clear, coolish and just right for riding. Just a few feet beyond that we hit fog and mist, the sun disappeared and the temperature dropped several degrees. The dirt changed from dry and slightly dusty to damp as we got to the picnic table and water dripped off the trees and sounded like a light rain.

Trail conditions were good as Don and I headed down Sawpit (Tractor is closed for logging operations). We had a good ride, though Don took a couple of spills that resulted in no visible damage. 

As we rode back, we saw a couple of new clearings with stacks of harvested trees and tire marks, but we did not see wholesale destruction of the forest usually associated with clear-cutting logging operations. Maybe we couldn't see it somewhere up the hill, but I hope they are trying a more selective harvesting technique.

Our ride uphill and the pace of logging both reflect that slower can be better.

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