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Remembering Beginnings

We took some friends who were interested in mountain biking to Wilder Ranch for their first "real" mountain bike ride. The first (smallish) hill up Wilder Ridge Loop proved to be enough hill climbing for them and we turned around and headed out to the coast. The sun broke through and it turned out to be a beautiful day to be riding on the coast. We didn't go very fast, but we all had fun and enjoyed the salty breeze and great weather.

This ride reminded me of two things. First, riding isn't all about distance, time or elevation gain. It should be fun too. Second, I was once a beginner and struggled up that same hill. What is now a check to make sure the circulation system is still working was once a major effort. I was once in their shoes. I pushed on and developed some endurance and skills over time because I enjoyed the fun of riding.

I hope these new riders have discovered the fun of riding and keep working at it.

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