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I Beat the Radar!

I went for a late evening ride in Fremont Older after work. Just a typical ride in a very familiar place.  Everything was fine as I headed back on Cora Older, the last trail back to the entrance.  As I came down the slight incline to the little "double kink" I notice someone standing in the middle of the trail with a bike behind them.  As I slowed down to see if they needed help, I discovered it was a ranger with a radar gun checking my speed!

I came to a stop in front of him (he was still standing in the middle of the trail).  He shook his disappointment.  His radar gun said I was doing 32 mph.  We both knew that I was nowhere close to that speed.  I rode off, leaving him disappointed.  I checked the GPS at home and I was under 10 mph the whole distance he could see me, well under the 15 mph limit.

The lesson here is that the radar gun is not infallible.  It may not even be close.  Something to consider if you ever should have "the man" come down on you.

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