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Stung - I get the point

I went out with for my usual Tuesday night ride.  I was "just riding along," the well known situation where something terrible is bound  to happen. This is the type of situation where your bike frame suddenly snaps for no reason, your cell phone explodes, or a deer bolts out of the bushes to T-bone you.  The time was right.

It had been a fun ride to that point...a few trails in Russian Ridge, down Crazy Pete's and up old Alpine Road to Page Mill.  We crossed over to ride one of the new sections of White Oak, which was a nice ride out to Stevens Canyon.  I was a bit tired and didn't know where the leader was headed, so I turned back to retrace my steps on White Oak.

I was "just riding along" minding my own business when I got a sharp pain on my forehead. Sharp...PAIN.  I stopped and whipped off my helmet but didn't see a bug fly away or try to stand its ground.  I carefully brushed my hair with a gloved hand and then felt for a stinger but found nothing.  What was I do to but suck it up and keep going.  It was just a sting and I am not allergic to them, so no problem.

I think it was slightly read during dinner and hurt a little bit, but no big deal.  The next morning I was fine with just a bit of an indication of a sting.  By the evening though my forehead was swollen.  It was like I was sprouting a horn, turning into a lopsided unicorn.  There was a very noticeable raised swelling on my forehead from the bridge of my nose and over.  Bummer.

Rather than just swelling and then subsiding, it started to melt.  The swelling started moving down my face.  The next morning I looked like a losing boxer after 12 rounds while swelling around my eye, but especially on  the upper eyelid.  The morning after that, the main swelling moved past my eyelid to the cheek under the eye.  There was no bruising or red streaks or pus or any other sign of infection, just this "droopy" swelling.  Finally it started to disappear and return me to my typical (though many would say not normal) state.

I never found out what stung me or why I had this bout of melting unicorn-itis, but I definitely got the point!

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