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Welcome to, the source of useful information about mountain biking trails in Santa Clara, San Mateo and Santa Cruz counties in Northern California and a few road rides in the area. Take a look around.  I have a list of ride locations (also available through the navigation bar at the top) and each has a description, a map and pictures that give you a sense of what is available at each location. Since I have been riding for a while, I have been able to cover most of the accessible trails in the area. There are also a variety of individual ride descriptions, photo galleries, elevation profiles, ride recommendations and some other links you may find useful.

Mountain Bike Trails

I have been riding consistently and year-round for several years. My current totals are:

29,898 miles 3,338,000 feet ascent (632 miles)

In terms of distance, I have more than ridden around the world. By way of ascent, the International Space Station orbits at a distance of 230 miles, so in a sense I have made it to there and back. The Hubble Space Telescope orbits at a distance of 353 miles, so I have made out to there and am on the way back.

Each location page provides details about the places I have ridden, maps, trailheads, pictures and all the other interesting bits of information about each destination. The Consolidated Trail Map page has the complete list of trails and links to Google Earth views of all of the trails. The Google Earth map is also useful for getting your bearings relative to other landmarks (cities, highways, etc.) and gives you a sense of the climbs and descents in a visual way. Check it out!

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Recent Rides

Here are some of the more recent pictures and ride reports that you might find interesting. I don't write about every ride, but if there is something interesting I might write about it.  Of course, "interesting" varies a lot. It might be a mood or a view, whining, being attacked by a suicide squirrel or just a fun ride. Generally, the pictures (fair) are better than the writing (weak), but I might do better with some encouragement.

The number of rides I get in vary depending on the weather, commitments at work or at home and a bunch of other factors.  My more recent rides include:

Location Date
Fremont Older 1/4/19
Quicksilver 1/3/19
Fremont Older 1/2/19
Old Santa Cruz Highway (road) 12/30/18
Palo Alto (road) 12/28/18
Canada del Oro 12/23/18
Palo Alto (road) 12/16/18
Calero (dirt) 12/9/18
Clayton Road (road) 12/2/19


Latest Photos


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