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Wilder/Pogonip - September 28, 2008

Distance: 20.00 miles Ascent: 2,518 ft, Moving time: 2:48 hours

The weather report was for hot weather in the valley, so we headed to the coast. We were greeted by a coastal fog that did not burn off the whole day. There was sunshine inland, but the fog kept things comfortable.

We did a combination of the usual trails in Wilder and in the UCSC area. We didn't set any personal bests, but we all felt a bit stronger with less than 2 days of rest after our night ride at Canada del Oro. The ride was fun but uneventful except for one "non-endo" from Don who met up with a sapling stump as he went over the far side of a log. Don claimed this was not a fall since he landed on his feet, but after reviewing the instant replay the judges decided otherwise.

We capped off the ride with a tacos and beer a La Cabana in Santa Cruz. We always enjoy this part of the ride!

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