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Wilder - June 28, 2009

Distance: 22.2 miles Ascent: 2130 feet Moving time: 2:28 hours

It was going to be very hot today. We checked temperature forecasts for several locations and they were at or over 100 degrees. It was time for another ride on the coast where it is cooler. We packed up the truck and left early, headed to Wilder. This turned out to a great decision as the inland weather was as hot as predicted and the coast was very moderate.

As usual, we headed up Wilder Ridge and Zane Gray. On the way up the first hill, I came across a complete snake skin (without the snake) that had recently been shed. It was probably about 4 feet long. Unlike the coast-side parking lot, the top of the first hill was in full sunshine. We made pretty good time on these trails, so we headed down Enchanted Loop singletrack, which meant that we had to climb up the other side. To mix things up a bit, we rode the bottom of Eucalyptus Loop and Old Cabin and then climbed Long Meadow to the top.

We decided to avoid the potential for getting caught in an inland heat wave, so we headed down toward the coast. We went down Chinquapin, across the upper part of Enchanted Loop and down the north side of Baldwin Loop. As usual, Baldwin Loop was fast and bumpy. We made good time until we got very near the bottom where the weeds grew in over the trail and then trees with very low branches. We also encountered some stinging nettles in this section. It looked like very few people have been riding this section.

We capped off the ride with a cliff-top ride on the Ohlone Bluff Trail. It was still overcast along the coast, making this a very pleasant ride. There were lots of wildflowers out and we saw bunnies on the trail and a group of about 15 seals in the water and on the rocks.

We capped off the ride with tacos and beer before heading back into the heat of Silicon Valley. It seemed like it was well over 100 degrees when we unloaded the bikes. Good thing we went to the coast.

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