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Tamarancho - January 23, 2011

Distance: 11.3 miles Ascent: 1,739 feet Moving time: 1:41 hours

The weather today was great. Not just for mid-January but for any time of the year. Ali suggested Tamarancho, so a group of seven formed to head up there. Jamey grew up in the area, so he was our trail expert. We rode basically the same route as our previous Tamarancho trip other than riding up Alchemist rather than the road (this was an improvement). The trails were Alchemist, Goldman, Serpentine, Wagon Wheel, B-17 with an out and back on the B-17 Extension, Broken Dam back to Goldman and Alchemist. The trails were in great shape. I thought the highlights included riding the babyheads on Wagon Wheel, flying through the trees on B-17 and descending the twisty Broken Dam.

In addition to the weather, the nice thing about this ride was introducing people to each other. This was the first time Don and Anna had met some of the others but everything worked out well and everyone was pretty evenly matched (if you consider Pierre and Jamey to be the fast group). We had a great lunch with plenty of beer at the Iron Spring Brewery before everyone headed for home. The ride was short but sweet and everyone seemed to have a great time.

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