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Stevens Canyon - September 19, 2010

Distance: 24.7 miles Ascent: 2,944 feet Moving time: 2:26 hours

It was very odd weather for September. It should be the middle of Indian summer, with full summer heat and rain months away. But it wasn't. It was overcast and humid. Weird. Not so weird that we wouldn't ride, but weird nonetheless. So we rode. We headed around Stevens Canyon Reservoir, falling in behind a small group of roadies out to the Stevens Canyon Road junction. Even though it was his first time there, Mike led us up the road, past the gate and onto the trail. We pushed through a quick re-group at the Grizzly Flat junction on to the Indian Creek junction where we first notice a mist that seemed to be trying to grow into a drizzle (or a "foggy rain" as Don tried to call it). After convincing Ken that it would be OK to climb the hill and mustering our courage, we headed up Indian Creek. It is still steep, but maybe not as steep or as long as it used to be. Of course, it could just be my brain turning to mush and having fewer memories available.

We got to the top of Black Mountain to find it even damper, cooler and breezier than at the other end of the trail. We snapped a few pictures and those that were unafraid of a few extra grams donned their jackets before heading down. We made a quick stop at the Backpackers Camp where Mike was surprised to find an outhouse and the last payphone in the Bay Area. We did a quick descent down Bella Vista (mucho fun) before heading back on Stevens Canyon. The return trip was pretty fun, but no one tried a really aggressive creek crossing. Once through the gate, Mike hit the hyperdrive button and shot off down the hill with me in pursuit. We held a very fast pace all the way to the bottom at the Mt. Eden junction. We completed the road ride back to our starting point.

It was odd weather, but we all had fun.

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