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Stevens Canyon - November 30, 2008

Distance: 15.3 miles Ascent: 2,685 ft. Moving time: 1:59 hours

Ken's back! He has been a bit under the weather, so we took it easy on him and went up Stevens Canyon trail to Black Mountain. Welcome back!

The ride itself was pretty uneventful. We had held a moderate pace, took a break at the bottom of Indian Creek and then rode to the top. I did get a few good pictures of autumn colors, fungi and a newt. The weather was coolish in Redwood Gulch and the road up to the gate, but it was shorts and a short sleeve shirt the rest of the way. Ken did a good job of going all the way to top considering he has been sick.

I did some work on my bike to try to eliminate the creaking noise. All the normal maintenance was done (crank removed, chainring removed and cleaned, rear axle cleaned and greased, main pivot cleaned and greased, new front brake pads, etc.), but the creak is still there. I may have to take it into the shop.

My knees have been hurting the last couple of weeks. I raised my saddle today and it seems better. I'll check again in the morning. It is odd that a small adjustment (a half inch) could make that much difference.

November was my biggest riding month so far. Total ascent was 31,500 feet and total distance was 193 miles, both personal bests by quite a bit. I am feeling stronger, but still have quite a ways to go.

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