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The Uphill Road to Recovery

I'm finally getting back on the bike after my fall at Ft. Ord about a month ago. The scrapes and other minor injuries are largely behind me, but the ribs and shoulder are still issues. The doctor said there was nothing broken and it was a shoulder separation. The ribs tell me they were broken and I believe them over the doctor.  The ribs started feeling a bit better, but they are still pretty noticeable on long steep climbs. The shoulder is pretty good while riding, but bothers me other times. But it is good to be back on the trails.

Distance: 21.7 miles Ascent: 2,844 feet Moving time: 2:43 hours

In addition to the injuries, my conditioning was also impacted. Besides not riding, I tended to minimize activity to avoid pain and did a bit of self-medicating feeding to help "speed the recovery." I am paying for it now. It is surprising out out of shape I feel on the climbs. Getting older sucks.

Anyway, it was another nice day. Everything is green and the temperatures have been mild. Other than the long pull up Montebello Road, it was pretty fun. Of course, the ride up Montebello is rarely fun. We ran into Sebastian from my Tuesday night group as he repaired a flat tire and he rode up with us.

We capped off the ride with a cold beer or two...that is the way to finish a ride!

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