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Stevens Canyon - March 13, 2011

It was a coolish day with rain predicted for later in the afternoon, so we headed for Stevens Canyon to get to the top before the rain hit. I was feeling tired and pooply before the ride and things didn't get much better.  I should have just waited for the rain to start and provide a handy excuse.

Distance: 24.4 miles Ascent: 2977 feet Moving time: 2:53 hours

We headed around the reservoir and up the paved road to the trailhead. So far, so good. I held a reasonable pace and was leading the group up to about the Table Mountain junction. As the trail got steeper, I got slower and slower. I even walked a bit. We re-grouped at the bottom of Indian Creek before heading up. I went from slow and tired to just out of gas. There was nothing in the tank. I was not really out of breath but I just didn't have the energy to push all the way up. Even walking wasn't that easy. The only positive was the ride down. We came down fast (but politely with a few hikers we met) and had a fast ride all the way back.

I'd like to say this was just an off day, and indeed that may have contributed to my stunning inability to do any climbing. I think the real reason is too obvious: too much work, too much weight, and too much wimpiness. This is my new WWW approach to mountain biking. This climb is never easy, but it wasn't all that long ago that I zipped up to the Indian Creek Junction and then made reasonable time to up the trail to the summit. I am pretty amazed at how fast that all disappeared. The decreased physical and mental conditioning is very discouraging. The solution is obvious but requires the self-discipline to wake up early to get more riding time in. I am not optimistic at this point.

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