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Stevens Canyon - July 11, 2010

Distance: 25.0 miles Ascent: 3,011 feet Moving time: 2:41 hours

I begged the weekend crew to take pity on my exhausted body, so they agreed to take things down a notch and settled for a Stevens Canyon ride. We started from Don and Anna's new house and headed out Stevens Canyon Road around the reservoir and up to the trailhead in about 40 minutes. We quickly regrouped and then headed up Steven Canyon Trail, continuing a solid pace. Anna and I hit the Grizzly Flat junction and I asked if we should wait for Ken and Don, and she quickly said "No" and pedaled off. I had no choice but to follow her.

We stopped and regrouped at the Indian Creek trail junction. In spite of her fast climbing and lots of energy, Anna and Don headed up the trail to ascend on Belle Vista while Ken and I took the steeper but shorter route on Indian Creek. Ken and I got to the top first, but not by that much. After a quick snack, all of us headed down Belle Vista at a nice speed and then down Stevens Canyon. We did a regroup at the trailhead before hitting the road for a quick ride back to their house.

We stopped to pick up some empanadas at a nearby cafe before enjoying a cold beer on their shaded deck. It was a nice way to end the ride!

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