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Stevens Canyon - February 11, 2010

Distance: 29.2 miles Ascent: 4,404 feet Moving time: 3:31 hours

I needed to go riding, but I didn't feel very peppy. Maybe it has been the dark, rainy days lately or shorter days in mid-winter or that I am just getting old (most probably explanation), but I just haven't had "it" lately. Given all of this, I decided that it was more important to get a ride in than try for a personal best of some kind. A steady pace that did not turn the ride into a death march was in order.

I made the route as I went. I started with my local hill climb up Comer and into Fremont Older, which I rode across out to Stevens Canyon Road. Since I had ridden up Stevens Canyon Trail recently and the trails have been wet recently, I decided to ride up Montebello Road. There wasn't anything new here, but I held a pretty steady pace and noticed that several spots where I have felt really tired in the past were not too much of a problem. I didn't set any records, but I also didn't stop until I got to the summit.

After a quick snack and a few pictures, I headed down Bella Vista, always a fun ride. I got to the bottom and turned right for a change, heading up Stevens Creek Nature Trail, through the Montebello parking lot, and past the top of White Oak (closed). I took a few more pictures and headed back to Stevens Canyon Trail, which I descended on. I returned via Mt. Eden and Villa Oaks.

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