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Soquel Demo Forest - December 20, 2009

Distance: 14.5 miles Ascent: 2629 feet Moving time: 2:05 hours

It was a great day to visit the Demo Forest. The morning air was crisp but I could tell that the weather would clear up to a "typical California winter day" that required only shorts and a jersey. The trails were in great condition after some rain last week followed by cold weather. The dirt was tacky but there were no puddles (well maybe one).

We rode up Highland and Buzzard Lagoon and then hit the singletrack on Cusacks. This was pretty fun, especially riding up the rain gully at the top of the trail. We continued up the road, taking a few side trails until we got to the clearing. After a short break, we agreed on our route and proceeded to ride Canadian Bacon. This was pretty fun and Ken and I made good time on the trail. While we were waiting at the bottom, I explored the continuation trail that headed up the hill. It went up a few hundred feet and continued on. I turned around to meet up with the others to ride back up Aptos Creek Fire Road.

After re-grouping at the clearing again, we headed down Ridge. Ken and I zoomed along at a pretty good clip. We took a few pictures on one of the teeter-tooters and played on a few of the stunts before heading down Braille. I think it had been longer than any of us remembered since we had last gone down Braille. All of us found it easier than we remembered. Perhaps it was the good trail conditions, but it could have also been a bit more skill! I dropped my saddle and it made a big difference. At the bottom, we headed up Hihn's Mill back to the parking lot. We made pretty good time on the way back without racing or even pushing a fast pace.

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