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Soquel Demo Forest - August 9, 2009

Distance: 15.18 miles Ascent: 2934 feet Moving time: 2:20 hours

It was a warm day, so we headed up to SDF on the early side to get some mountain time. Rather than go the "standard" route, I convince Don and Anna to try a different route. Part of this was to get a good GPS track on one of the trails, but I think that changing the route keeps the locations "fresh".

Rather than climb Santa Rosalia Road, we headed down Hihn's Mill and then up Sulphur Springs. This was a pretty fast climb, but it is pretty steep right at the end just before it gets to the helicopter landing pad. It seemed like a pretty fast climb, and a bit of analysis after the ride indicates this was my fastest climb rate to date. We took a short breather in the shade on the landing pad before we rode up Ridge. This was also different, since this was the first time we have ridden up Ridge. The lower part of Ridge is a pretty tough climb with a pretty steep grade and lots of rocks and roots to get over. There were a few short sections where we had to hike-a-bike.

We got to the top of Ridge and decided we should ride Canadian Bacon. Other than a small OTB incident, this was fun. We climbed back to the top of Ridge and rode down it this time (much easier and more fun). We rode past the helicopter landing pad and the picnic table and headed down Tractor and then up Hihns Mill back to the car. The parking lot was hot and the car was like an oven, so we got out of there quickly and headed down to the Summit Store for some cold drinks and snacks.

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