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Soquel Demo Forest - August 8, 2010

Distance: 14.3 miles Ascent: 2,545 feet Moving time: 2:02 hours

It was a nice morning at home with a cool breeze by the time we met in Los Gatos. As we headed up to SDF, the sky became overcast, then foggy and then we started getting "tree rain" from the redwoods lining the road. It was low to mid 50's and foggy at the parking area but we have certainly been there when it was colder. We quickly got ready and headed up.

We took pretty familiar trails, including Cusacks, Ridge, and Sawpit before heading back up Hihn's Mill. Riding in the cool air made the ride much easier but we started to get a bit of a chill if we stopped too long. We held a pretty good pace, with the only near mishaps being when I hit a small teeter totter with a bit too much speed and when Mike tipped over while negotiating a steepish rock garden. There was no damage done in either case.

All of the climbs seemed a bit easier today, but I am not sure why. I was watching my initial speed, so I may not have been as tired as some other rides. It might have been the cool air. It could have been the great condition of the trails. It could be that my memory is fading faster than I thought. Who knows.

The sun finally came out as we hit the dirt parking lot (still closed, but it looks like the recent work may be done). We headed down to the Summit Market for a bit of post-ride refreshment before heading home.

More later...

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