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Sierra Azul - October 12, 2008

Distance: 15.63 miles Ascent: 3,232 ft, Moving time: 2:37 hours

Autumn has set in. While the sky was clear, the air was crisp and the breeze has changed from refreshing to slightly chilling. This also means that instead of being covered with a few inches of dust, the trails are now covered with leaves. This is a nice change from the summer conditions for both the change in conditions and the reduction in effort since the body does not have to work as hard to cool off.

Starting in downtown Los Gatos, we rode up Jones Trail to Alma Bridge Road. The water level in Lexington Reservoir is still very low, but this may be due the recent construction. It seems like it may almost be done. We rode up Limekiln all the way to the top (the upper part is also known as Power Poles). It is still a good steady climb interspersed with steep climbs. Even though the weather was cooler, it is still hard work. The lower portions of Limekiln had a lot of leaf color. Once at the top, we rode the "whoop-dee-doos" on Kennedy Trail to the junction with Priest Rock (aka Dog Meat). We got a bit spread out, and we were surprised when a guy showed up when we were expecting Anna. We chatted with Ben for a few minutes and inspected his Klein Rascal that has been set up for hill climbing (including a 20-tooth chainring only 3 sprockets in the rear). We descended Dog Meat and Limekiln and finished off on Los Gatos Creek to avoid the hikers on Jones.

I wonder if the recent rides will allow us to write all of our bike expenses as medical expenses. We are in the middle of a stock market crash and the rides seem therapeutic. Doesn't anyone want to write a prescription for us to make sure there is no question about the deductibility?

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