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Saratoga Gap - January 25, 2010

Distance: 26.5 miles Ascent: 3,625 feet Moving time: 3:00 hours

It was about to continue raining, so I got out for a ride. I thought the rain would hit while I was out and might force me to turn back (very heavy rain predicted), but it did not turn out to be the case and I got a long ride in.

I rode up Highway 9 to the Saratoga Gap parking lot. It was a pretty good ride since there was very little traffic due to being a weekday and the weather. As an odd aside, it seems like 60% of the cars heading up the hill were Subarus. I took a short break at the parking lot and must have accidentally hit the "Stop" button on the GPS because it stopped recording data at that point while the other items like speed were properly displayed. Oh well.

Saratoga Gap was in great shape and very pretty. Everything from moss on the trees, ferns along the trail and twigs on the trail were bright green. I really enjoyed the ride and looking at everything. I crossed over Skyline and continued to Ward Road. Both Peters Creek and Long Ridge were closed, so I rode up Ward Road to Skyline. A fast ride on Skyline got me to the Grizzly Flat Trail South trailhead. This downhill trail was pretty fun, but there were two trees across the trail that I had to portage through. This got me down to Stevens Creek for a few pictures before forging across and getting only one foot wet. This took me to Canyon Trail. Riding a bit further to the second creek crossing allowed me to get my other foot wet. Surprisingly, my feet did not get too chilly in spite of being wet on a cold day and riding fairly fast. Anyway, I continued down the trail to Stevens Canyon Road, Mt. Eden and back to the start.

This was a good winter ride. The trails were in generally in good shape and the scenery was really nice. The forest was quiet...just me and the trees and some deer. I was the only mountain biker or hiker I saw all day. It was nice and cool (high 40s) but I was comfortable in a short sleeve jersey with arm warmers. I got back before it started to rain hard. All in all, a great ride.

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