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Saratoga Gap - August 10, 2010

Distance: 27.2 miles Ascent: 3,899 feet Moving time: 3:30 hours

The Tuesday night group was going to Saratoga Gap, so I created my own route for the ride. Rather than starting at The Gap parking lot or at the bottom of Redwood Gulch (the starting points for this ride), I started from home and rode up Pierce Road and Highway 9. There wasn't anything too remarkable about this as I was trying to hold a reasonable pace so that I still had some energy at the top.

I got to the top as the group starting from the parking lot was getting ready to leave. After a rest totaling about 45 seconds, I was on the trail. We made a stop at the Charcoal Road junction to meet the group that had started at Redwood Gulch and then we headed out to the stone bench at the top of Peters Creek. One group did the Peters Creek loop and another headed backwards due to decreasing light (it is getting dark earlier and it is only early August). I headed down the hill and ended up on Stevens Canyon. I rode down the trail and continued on from the trailhead to use the little remaining light while the others waited for one of guys with a mechanical.

I made it home via Stevens Canyon, Mt. Eden and Pierce just as the last light was disappearing. None of the others had passed me in their cars, so I took a quick shower before catching up with them for dinner. It was a big ride but fun.

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