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Santa Teresa - October 5, 2008

Distance: 9.81 miles Ascent: 1,383 ft, Moving time: 1:35 hours

We had the first brief rain of the season yesterday, so the dust was knocked down for the first time in quite a while. Ken and I headed over to Santa Teresa for a quick morning spin. The weather had cooled off a bit, but it was clear and a great day for riding. I was slow and steady up Stile Ranch (more slow than steady), but Ken dropped me climbing up Rocky Ridge.

We explored a bit of a service road and a double track just down the road from the former transmission station at the top of Rocky Ridge. Although we took a detour back over to Rocky Ridge, it looked like the service road might be a fast, easier way up to the top. We decided to ride down Rocky Ridge (that's why we were there!) and not explore this route.

After descending Rocky Ridge and returning via Stile Ranch, we rode back up Fortini to see if we could find the bottom of the doubletrack. We couldn't find it, but we came across a good size 4-point buck who was not too concerned about us. After a couple of pictures, we continued on. He was still there when we returned. Google Earth indicates the doubletrack drops out onto Shillingsburg Ave, so we should be able to get back to the trail entrance via San Vicente Ave.

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