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Sanborn Road - February 19, 2009

Distance: 12.2 miles Ascent: 1654 ft. Moving time: 1:13 hours

I thought most trails would still be wet, so I did a bit more road riding today. I climbed up Pierce Road in Saratoga past the Mountain Winery and then up Highway 9 past Saratoga Springs to Sanborn Road. I have been this way in a car before, but never on a bike. It was a bit steeper than I recall, but it was a nice ride. I went past the hostel and the county park to the end of the road. There is a trail there that goes out to Ranch Lake, but it is signed as "No Bikes" for some reason so I didn't go any further.

It was cool and damp in the canyon, so I stopped to put on my jacket before starting the descent. A woman drove by asking for directions to "Diane's house" but without an address, just a vague recollection that it was up a hill. I finally got her straightened out, but it was rather humorous.

After a short detour through the public area in the county park (very pretty), I started the descent. There was no traffic and a pretty straight drop that allowed a lot of visibility. I tried to keep things a bit under control, but still managed to hit 40 mph on the way down. I also made good time coming down Pierce.

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