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Russian Ridge - April 7, 2010

Distance: 8.1 miles Ascent: 1,403 feet Moving time: 1:07 hours

I have been taking a bit of time off to let my knee rest, but the weather was so nice when Anna asked if I wanted to go riding that I had to say yes. We dilly-dallied a bit before agreeing on Russian Ridge, hoping that the green grass, wildflowers and long views would compensate for the lower technical challenge.

We got a bit of a late start due to other commitments, but we had a good ride once we got moving. We warmed up with the initial climb up Ridge and then headed out Ancient Oaks along the top of the hill. Ancient Oaks is always a lot of fun because of the flow and slight downhill on much of the trail. We then headed northwest on Mindego, out Alder Spring and up Hawk. After stopping briefly for a few pictures, we picked up Ridge and rode to the end of the single track at a pretty good clip. Anna wasn't feeling 100%, so we headed back on Ridge and ended up on top of Borel Hill. We took in the view, solved the countries political problems, commented on another riders very clean bike as he lowered his seat (why?) and then headed back to the parking lot via Ancient Oaks.

As we approached the parking lot, I noticed a coyote in the grass to the left of the trail. While we stopped to snap some pictures, he calmly crossed the trail a few feet ahead of us and walked up the hill to hunt. We watched him quite a while and saw him catch a couple of rodents. We could see why he was so healthy looking!

Although neither of us were 100% and the ride was a bit short, we had a great time. The hills were a beautiful shade of green with darker green forests in the distance. The air was very clear and we had great visibility. A few wildflowers were in bloom, but I think the big bloom is yet to come. Clearly the highlight of the ride was the coyote and being able to watch him for so long from so close. It was definitely a great ride! Some things are not properly measured with numbers.

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