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Rain - February 15, 2009

Distance: 13.4 miles Ascent: 3766 ft. Moving time: 2:19 hours

We finally got some serious rain this week. We had intermittent rain on Wednesday and Thursday, moderate rain on Friday, morning rain on Saturday and heavy rain all day Sunday and most of Monday. Finally! We have needed the rain. Hopefully, this means that that start of summer will be pushed out beyond February!

I did get a few mid-week rides in before the trails turned to mush. Nothing too notable and more roads than usual. I was the only person on the trails. Stevens Canyon was particularly nice along the creek and stopping to find newts in the undergrowth. The Sunday downpour cancelled our usual Sunday ride. This seems like the first rain-out in about 2 years.

I passed the 8,000 mile mark this week. I will pass the 1,300,000 vertical ascent mark this week.

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