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Quicksilver - April 18, 2010

Distance: 15.7 miles Ascent: 2,499 feet Moving time: 2:03 hours

I was feeling out of sorts. I should have gone to Sea Otter. I probably should have raced. I didn't. I just didn't feel like it. I guess I have been in a bit of a funk. I got up early, but I just couldn't get motivated to do much. Sometimes you just have those periods.

I spent yesterday working on my bike, so I should have been more motivated. After a thorough cleaning, I spent the afternoon doing some maintenance upgrades. I needed new tires, so I made the leap to a tubeless setup using Stan's rim strips and sealant and a new pair of WTB Wierwolf TCS tires. I also installed new brake rotors front and rear and some new brake pads (these Magura brakes really go through the pads!). The rim strips were pretty easy to install following the directions and the online video, but the tires were really tight. I guess the flip side of being really tight is that they inflated with a hand pump with no problem on the first try and held air even before putting the sealant in.

After doing all of these upgrades and making my bike look like new again, I should have been highly motivated to be out on the trails. But I wasn't. I went to Quicksilver to get some time in and to test the things in a less than full-on challenge. The ride was uneventful and everything worked fine. I think the riding helped a bit.

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