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Pogonip - January 30, 2010

Distance: 11.1 miles Ascent: 1,421 feet Moving time: 1:43 hours

Today was a nice day, a break from the recent rains and those about to hit. Since it was nice, we headed out to Pogonip in Santa Cruz for a bit of riding through the redwood forest. It started out a bit chilly in the morning, but warmed up nicely for the rest of the ride.

We followed mostly familiar trails, with a bit of exploring on some narrow singletrack on the UC side. The forest floor was damp and a bit soggy in a few places, but generally in pretty good shape. The root and log crossings were a bit trickier as they tended to be very slick. I made it over most of them but a few proved tricky. There were a few trees down that added a bit of interest to the familiar trails.

There were a few sections with puddles that were quite a bit of fun to ride through and splash. The trails underneath were pretty solid, so I don't think we were doing any damage to the trails. Anna discovered a sharp step-up in the middle of one puddle that caused a few problems for her. In another section, I had a problem with a step-down into a muddy pit with a root in it and tipped to the side. Ken followed along and did the same thing in the same spot. Ken somehow manage to break his middle chainring in half which also resulted in making the large chainring unusable. He was able to make it back without further damage. Fortunately, he has another set of chainrings waiting for him at home.

It was a nice day to get out for a muddy ride!

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