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Pogonip - January 16, 2011

Distance: 11.3 miles Ascent: 1,399 feet Moving time: 1:52 hours

The weather changed from cold to sprig-like this weekend and everyone was riding their bikes or had bikes on their car on the way to or from a ride. We enjoyed spring in January at Pogonip, where the trails were moist and wet in a few places, but generally in good condition.

We followed the usual trails, including a new one that Anna led us to. Things were going well until we got to the point on the singletrack nearest the gate out to Empire Grade. We stopped for a quick group and I heard a hissing sound. It turned out to be Don's front tire which no longer had any liquid Stan's in it. We stopped while Don put a tube in before continuing out to the Playground. On the way back, Ken somehow jammed his chain between the spokes and the cassette. It was really jammed in there and it took quite a bit of working on it to get it out. One of the chain links was damaged in the process, but Ken was able to take out the damaged section and continue on. It is unusual to have any major mechanicals on our rides, but having two on the same ride at a usually "safe" location was very unusual.

While we were waiting for Don to repair his tire (with a non-functioning CO2 inflator/pump), we saw two bikers crossing a gully and coming up to us. What was unusual about them was that they were only about 3 feet tall and about 3 years old. They were "riding" tiny push bikes without pedals (or brakes) and they were eager to keep moving. They said "Hi" to us, quickly followed by "Let's go this way Dad". One crashed, but was quickly up, back on his bike and heading down the trail. These two will be on real bikes in no time and will no doubt be great riders. It was great to see a dad and his two small sons out having fun on the trails.

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