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Distance: 13.3 miles Ascent: 2,492 ft. Moving time: 1:56 hours

Its Thanksgiving, so that means it is time for our annual Los Gatos Turkey Ride up to the top of Kennedy. This was my sixth year in a row, so it is definitely on my calendar every year. This year it was Don, Anna, Curtis and me riding. Ken apparently had a bit "too much" vacation and wasn't feeling up to it this year.

It rained quite a bit yesterday. It didn't rain today, but the clouds were still lingering and the air was still moist. We met downtown on Main Street at about 7:40 AM. There were already quite a few people there and they kept coming, so our arrival timing was good. After getting the equipment assembled, some stretching for Don and Anna and the other preparatory rituals, we headed out. We thought were going by ourselves, but quite a few other people had the same idea at the same time.

The ride up to the trail head was unremarkable. As always, the trailhead is the place to take off your jacket (if you're wearing one) and any other unnecessary gear. This is also the place for a last minute loo-stop, some more stretching and a bit more chit chat with all of the other riders. In spite of yesterday's rain, the trails were in pretty good condition with a few soft spots. There were lots of riders, but the incline kept everyone at a pretty slow pace.

About a third of the way up, Curtis volunteered to pull the trailer containing a full suckling pig up to the top. A bit of fiddling to attach the trail to his bike and off he went toward the top. Very impressive. It was also very humiliating since he was still faster than me.

I was plenty warm on the way up, wearing my standard summer wear. The top was cool and misty, so I had to put on my sleeves and jacket after I reached the top and cooled off a bit. Unfortunately, I seemed to continue cooling off after I had my jacket on. After a bit more mingling, I was ready to head down and warm up. We had a good ride down Dog Meat and Limekiln, making much better time than our ascent.

The others headed for coffee after the ride, but I headed home to help out with the Thanksgiving preparations.

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