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Kennedy/El Sereno - March 19, 2009

Distance: 25.6 miles Ascent: 5010 ft. Moving time: 3:48 hours

It was a nice day out, so I thought I would test myself with a longer ride. Starting in downtown Los Gatos, I went up Kennedy Road to the Kennedy trail. Knowing that this would be a longer ride, I took a moderate pace that kept me going up the hill. As usual, I took a brief stop at the oak tree before continuing to the summit. The wildflowers have started blooming. I descended on Priest Rock (Dogmeat) and Limekiln (Overgrown). It seem like there were more rocks than usual on these trails due to the recent rains, but it was still a fun descent.

Once back to town, I stopped briefly for a smoothie and then continued up Overlook and Sheldon to the Aquinas trail in El Sereno. I talked with a couple of rangers that showed up to put in a gate post on the new trail. They indicated that the trail is currently for ranger access to a place where they need to put in a fence on the preserve boundary. They hope that the trail can be opened and connected to the bottom of Serenity. They suggested that there is an existing old roadbed to do this (like along this access trail), make it a matter of clearing the brush and going through an accelerated approval process (since this would not be a new trail or require new cuts). They didn't have a time frame for these changes. Once I finished talking with the rangers, I continued up to the summit and then back down.

This was a nice ride on one of the warmer days recently. I felt pretty good and have could have gone further. I think this ride increased my confidence in my sustained climbing. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that my "moderate" pace turned out to be pretty fast (for me).

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