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Kennedy/El Sereno - December 18, 2009

Distance: 30.78 miles Ascent: 5224 feet Moving time: 3:54 hours

It was a nice day, so I decided to take advantage of the weather and get some riding in. I wanted to get some distance and elevation and I decided to keep things "reasonable" by trying to hold a moderate pace the whole way and minimize stops.

I rode to Kennedy and continued up the trail to the oak tree where I made a few quick adjustments before continuing to the top. I held a pretty good pace and generally felt pretty relaxed and not too winded (in general...I was still huffing and puffing up the steep sections). I took a very short stop at the top before heading down Priest Rock, Limekiln and Los Gatos Creek Trail back into Los Gatos.

After a short break to refuel with a slice of pizza at Pizza My Heart, I headed up hill to El Sereno. I started up Aquinas feeling OK, but my mind started to wander and I lost focus on the pacing. As a result, I think I slowed down quit a bit. Of course, it could have been fatigue, but I think I could have pushed harder and faster if I had tried. Anyway, I went to the top with no stops and continued to Bohlman Road. I stopped briefly to put on my jacket before heading down so I could get home before it got dark and rush hour traffic started in earnest.

I was glad I was able to achieve my goal for the day and that I lived to tell about it.

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