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Kennedy - November 2, 2008

Distance: 14.73 miles Ascent: 2,487 ft, Moving time: 2:09 hours

It has been raining for the last three days, so we thought we would "save the trails" and ride something that has better drainage. Between this thinking and the upcoming Turkey Ride, we settled on Kennedy.

We started a bit later to let the surface water evaporate or run off. It turns out that the trails were in great shape and the impact of the rain was not usually very noticeable other than the complete absence of dust. The few places it was wet enough to leave a tire print showed the biggest prints to be from ranger trucks. The weather started off nice, but got cooler, so maybe some more rain is blowing in.

There wasn't too much notable about the ride. As another rider I met on the way up said, "It is a relentless climb." We made it to the top, paused to talk a bit and take a picture, and then headed back (we assumed that some of the other trails would have more water issues). A warm coffee usually hits the spot, but I started to get a chill. It was nice to put on a few dry, warm clothes at the car.

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