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Harvey Bear - August 1, 2010

Distance: 20.1 miles Ascent: 2,901 feet Moving time: 2:34 hours

We headed to Harvey Bear for a slightly easier ride to address Anna's banged up leg (the result of a crash at ECdM) and introduce Marion to a different type of trail. Unfortunately, Marion had to cancel, but we replaced her at the last minute with Curtis. Curtis tried to make things fair by bringing a bike that he had just put an old chain and even older cassette on. He paid for this by having the chain slip on the cogs each time he encountered an incline.

We assembled quickly and agreed on a route that would take us on almost all of the trails at Harvey Bear and Coyote Lake. We headed up Harvey Bear and Coyote Ridge before descending Willow Springs. We climbed Townsprings back to Harvey Bear, which we took up and over the top of the mountain and down to Coyote Lake. After a quick snack, we rode Calaveras, Valley Oak, Campground and out to the south end of Coyote Ridge. We headed up Mendoza intending to ride the new trail, but this trail was marked as no bikes or horses on a temporary sign for an unknown reason. We continued on up Mendoza and the trail got steep, bumpy, and loose. Mike and Anna cleared the climb, but the rest of us struggled. We headed up an unnamed but well-used double track to the top and found a singletrack that we descended on. We headed back out Coyote Ridge, dropped down San Ysidro and did the Savannah loop back to Willow Springs, which took us back to the parking lot. We packed up and left pretty quickly.

It was a pretty good ride. Anna was a sport, pushing on in spite of her banged up leg. Curtis pushed through his drive train problems and running out of water. Mike was patient with the rest of us and waited at all of the junctions. The cattle gates were a bit of a pain, killing our momentum as we had to stop to open and close each one, but this was manageable. Don and Curtis discussed tire weights, but the real weight weenie was a squirrel that left its tail on the trail to reduce moving weight. What dedication!

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