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Grant - March 21, 2010

Distance: 15.8 miles Ascent: 2,859 feet Moving time: 2:20 hours

Spring is upon us! The hills are covered in short green grass, the wildflowers are starting to bloom and the animals are out in abundance. The weather was moderate, making it a perfect day for riding.

We headed to Grant, riding the north side of the park first. We started in the parking lot near the lake, where we met another rider that was starting his ride at the same time, so we rode together. He is an adventure racer and we discovered that he lives near Ken. We rode up Halls Valley, Canada de Pala and Pala Seca trails to Antler Point where we stopped to take in the views and have a snack. Our new friend headed down to the hunting cabin and Washburn, but we headed down Canada de Pala to the Twin Gates parking area.

We still had a bit of energy, so we crossed the highway to the south side of the park and headed up the Bonhoff fire road. This was pretty steep. We explored a cattle trail, but it ended up going nowhere other than through some poison oak bushes (we avoided these). We backtracked to junction with Foothill, which we took. This was pretty fun, with a creek crossing and then a bit of riding in the creek bed. We headed back on Hotel which included a great downhill where the trail was in good condition and the sight lines were very long. We might have gotten up to the speed limit. :)

It was a great ride! While it seemed like there was more uphill than downhill and more uphill than we remembered, we did have a good time.

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