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Grant - December 31, 2009

Distance: 13.2 miles Ascent: 2786 feet Moving time: 1:59 hours

I had some fatherly duties today that left me in San Jose in the early afternoon, so I headed over to Grant. The weather was cool and there was a slight possibility of rain, so I was about the only person there (I did see 2 hikers). I headed up Halls Valley and Pala Seca to Antler Point, where I enjoyed the view and took a few pictures. I did this climb without any stops other than to open a cattle gate.

I headed down Canada de Pala, passing the "hunting cabin" that still seems to be under construction with little visible progress. I headed up and down and up and down Washburn, which was nice, out to the highway.

I headed up Edwards Loop on the other side of the highway, but the trail was really torn up from a recent cattle migration. Between the grade, the wet ground and lack of any flat surface on the trail (it was torn up from edge to edge), I eventually decided it wasn't worth it and turned around and headed back.

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