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Grant - August 15, 2010

Distance: 14.73 miles Ascent: 2,642 feet Moving time: 2:00 hours

It was cold with a slight breeze and a heavy overcast when we met up in San Jose at 9:00. There was no let up as we drove up Quimby Road until we got to the top of the ridge, where the sun suddenly popped out. The weather for the rest of the day was sunny and very mild, quite different from the usual choice of frying pan or fire at Grant in August. This made things a bit easier for Mike and Marion who had not been to Grant before.

We headed up Halls Valley. To Marion's displeasure, the trail climbed up until it got even steeper. This happened about four times! We kept plugging away and after a too short coast downhill on Canada de Pala, we continued climbing all the way to the top at Antler Point. It looked as if there had been a recent controlled burn of some of the grass on the downhill side of Canada de Pala and up around Antler Point as there were ashes right up to the edge of the road or trail, but there wasn't the heavy smoky smell of a recent burn. The view from the top was great!

After a few photos, we explored a couple of short side trails, one of which had a few mildly sketchy sections. All of us survived and then continued down Canada de Pala to Twin Gates. We crossed the highway and grunted up Bonhoff...I think this may have been the first time I rode the whole way. Some day I might try Bonhoff again in the other, harder direction...but why? We re-assembled at the bottom and then headed out Foothill and a flying descent down Hotel to the Circle Corral and then a leisurely ride the remaining length of Hotel. While it wasn't hot, it was quite dusty and everyone's drive trains were squeaky and making lots of noise.

Ken hosted the crew from some post-ride refreshments and political problem solving. It was a good ride and we saw quite a few squirrels and rabbits, but no deer or snakes. I thought we would see a snake given the weather and the few people that were there, but no luck this time.

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