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Fremont Older with Jazz - January 17, 2010

Distance: 6.9 miles Ascent: 1,177 feet Moving time: 0:56 hours

It was supposed to have started raining hard last night, but it seems to have been delayed. The storm was imminent, so I wanted a short ride close to home. I took Jazz (my dog) to Fremont Older for a quick spin. There was nothing too remarkable about the ride other than riding with Jazz. He is becoming a good runner, staying right next to me on his leash. He is patient with me on the climbs and never says anything about how slow I am. In exchange, I slow down on the downhills and leave room for him on the narrow singletracks. He has speed but I have endurance, but I also control the leash. This makes the ride different and fun, even though it is a bit shorter and slower than my normal ride at Fremont Older.

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