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Fremont Older with Jazz - December 22, 2009

Distance: 6.2 miles Ascent: 1217 feet Moving time: 0:53 hours

I decided to try something different at Fremont Older. I brought my dog, Jazz, up to the park and we rode the trails. As per the rules, I had to have Jazz on a leash the whole time. Jazz did a great job of running along side me and several people commented on how well behaved and how fast he was. He stayed right beside me on the fireroads (including passing people and other dogs) and on the singletrack trails.

He is certainly a lot faster on the uphills that I am. As we went up the steeper hills, there were a couple of times that he looked over at me as if to ask what was taking so long. I had the advantage on downhills (of course) and in endurance. He was definitely feeling tired at the end of the ride, but I thought that was pretty good for the minimal amount of endurance training he has been getting.

The one funny thing that happened was on the south end of Coyote Ridge. We came across a group of five equestrians coming the other way. Jazz and I stopped and pulled to the side to let them pass. I had Jazz sit next to me. He was watching the horses closely and got more uncomfortable with each one. This was only the second time he had seen a horse and they are just too big for him. He eventually backed out of his collar and ran up the hill into the brush. Once the horses were gone, he came back down the road and we put his collar back on and continued.

It was a lot of fun to ride with the dog. It would have been more fun if the leash wasn't required, but I understand the need for the rule at Fremont Older. It was definitely harder as I had to be careful about keeping a straight line and what the dog was doing and he was tired before I was, but we both had a good time.

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