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Fremont Older - June 20, 2010

Distance: 10.8 miles Ascent: 1,847 feet Moving time: 1:27 hours

We did a short, special ride this week. Don and Anna moved into a new house, so we met there to get the first tour. After showing off their collection of packing boxes, we set off for a quick ride in Fremont Older so Don could get back early to continue unpacking. While I ride Fremont Older pretty frequently as a quick training ride, the others have been there for a while. Entering the park from the Cupertino side made everything a bit different.

We started off by exploring a short singletrack off of Stevens Canyon Road that quickly took us down to the parking lot and the service road. We headed up Coyote Ridge at a pretty good clip and then explored Fern and Vista trails. After a quick regroup, we rode all three sections of Toyon. It seemed like the others had no memory of the two farthest sections, but everyone had fun. We continued on Hayfield over to Hunters Point where we regrouped, took a breather, and snapped a few pictures. We then headed around 7 Springs, up Hayfield, and down the length of Coyote Ridge and back to Don and Anna's house. We capped of the ride relaxing in their backyard with a few bottles of Raging Bitch IPA (not bad).

My "regular" bike is in the shop getting a new rear rim since I somehow managed to pull a nipple through the rim eyelet. This meant that I had to get my old bike out of storage and ready to ride. It actually rode pretty well considering it has been several years since I had ridden it, but the brakes are sketchy and the shifting is a bit off. This ride really made me appreciate my "new" bike again. I really like the improved braking, shifting, suspension and the larger frame. Fortunately, these are the same items I really liked when I first got it. At least I am consistent!

I think Don and Anna were excited to find that Fremont Older is so close. I think all of them were a bit surprised that there was better riding there than they remembered. It is not too technical (well, not technical at all), but there is a fair amount of climbing available without having it all in a single sustained climb at a steep grade like so many other places. It is still not a destination ride, but it close and fun enough for quick training rides. It is also a good place to take newer riders who have some level of fitness.

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